Moneyview Pay Later App : Apply, Check Your Eligibility and Get Instant Rupees in Your Account

Hello Friends, In this article we will discuss about MoneyView Pay Later App.

It’s another buy now pay later app which will give you instant credit limit and you can pay the amount later in the form of monthly installments.

let’s discuss MoneyView App, MoneyView pay later app in detail now.

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In order to get an instant personal loan from Money View, the following eligibility criteria will have to be fulfilled

  • Applicants must be between the ages of 21 years to 57 years

  • You must be Salaried or Self Employed (own business)

  • Your monthly in-hand income should be Rs 13,500/- or more.

  • Your salary must be directly credited to your bank account

  • You must either have a minimum CIBIL score of 600 or a minimum Experian score of 650. Low Credit Score? You may still get a loan based on our own credit-assessment model.

Check Your Eligibility   

The primary document required for Money View to process your loan application is your PAN Card.

MoneyView App

Proof of Identity:

PAN Card – This is the primary ID proof required. However, if it is rejected due to image quality issues or other reasons, any 1 of the officially valid documents given below will suffice

  • Aadhaar Card

Moneyview App

  • Valid Indian Passport

Moneyview App

  • Valid Voter ID

Moneyview App

  • Valid Driver’s License

Moneyview App

Proof of Address:

Any 1 of the following –

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Valid Indian Passport

  • Valid Voter ID

  • Valid Driver’s License

  • Utility Bills (Electricity, Water, Gas) dated within the last 60 days

Proof of Income:

  • Salaried Applicants – Last 3 months’ bank statements of your salary account in PDF format showing salary credits


  • Self-Employed Applicants – Last 3 months’ bank statements in PDF format
Fees and Charges Amount Chargeable
Interest Rate Starting from 1.33% per month
Loan Processing Charges Starts at 2% of the approved loan amount
Interest on Overdue EMIs 2% per month on the overdue EMI/Principal loan amount
Cheque Bounce Rs.500/- each time
Loan Cancellation
  • No additional charges levied
  • The interest amount for the period between loan disbursement and loan cancellation will be payable.
  • Processing fees will also be retained

Foreclosure and Part-Prepayment Charges:

Fees and Charges Amount Chargeable
Foreclosure Charges Nil but foreclosure can be done only after a minimum number of EMIs have been paid as illustrated below-

Tenure Foreclosure
Up to 6 months Not allowed
7 – 18 months Allowed after 6 EMI payments
Over 18 months Allowed after 12 EMI payments
Part- Prepayment Charges Part-prepayment is not allowed

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  • First and last name according to your PAN card

  • Income

  • Age and date of birth

  • Location and area code

  • Gender

  • Purpose of availing said loan

  • PAN number

  • Mobile number

  • Select a Loan Plan

Based on the information provided & your credit profile, an eligible loan amount will be displayed. Select the loan amount as well as repayment tenure of your choice that suits your requirements

  • Complete KYC & Income Verification

The next step is to upload all the required documents such as ID proof, address proof, and income proof. You will also be required to take your Selfie & upload images of your PAN Card. The entire process is 100% online and does not require any physical copies.

  • Loan Approval & EMI-Auto debit

Once your documents are verified, your loan will be instantly approved. You’ll now be required to enable the EMI-auto debit or NACH mandate using Netbaking/Debit card or NACH Form. This step ensures that the auto-debit facility for your bank account is activated for easy monthly EMI payments.

  • Loan Disbursal

Once the EMI-auto debit is enabled, you’ll be sent a Loan Agreement with details like your loan amount, interest, applicable fees & tenure etc. Kindly review the same & submit. Once submitted, the loan amount will be transferred to your bank A/c within 1 business day.

In five quick and easy steps you can now avail an instant personal loan from Money View.

Contact Information:

Customer Care No. : 080 4569 2002

Loan Payment Queries: [email protected]

Loan Queries: [email protected]

Loan partner/DSA Queries: [email protected]

General Queries: [email protected]

Marketing Queries: [email protected]


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